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Planning Board Minutes 4/27/2009
Meeting of 4/27/2009

Present:        James Deming
Jason Smith
Jeffrey LaCasse
Thomas Paine
Gertrude McKay

Meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Chairman James Deming.

Old Business:

  • Minutes for meetings of January 26, 2009, February 23, 2009 and March 16, 2009 were approved as corrected.

New Business:

  • Bell Atlantic Mobile of Massachusetts Corporation, Ltd d/b/a Verizon Wireless, is preparing to file an application for a special permit to erect a telecommunications tower at 288 Harvey Mountain Road, (Map 40, Lot 18.1).  They appeared for a preliminary hearing.
  • Waivers from by-law regulations were requested as follows:
  • Section VIII.F.4.1.  Request Noise Study to be conducted by a professional acoustical scientist, but not an acoustical engineer, unless results indicate that mitigation is required.
  • Section VIII.F.5.a.(i),(ii) and (iii).  Since there are no existing structures located within Verizon Wireless’ designated search area, they request the list of contacts made with owners of potential sites for co-location be omitted.
  • Section VIII.F.5.b.(i) and (ii).  Since the subject site has been under lease for several years with various telecommunications and tower companies, and since it is Verizon’s position that there is no site in the vicinity which is less intrusive, they request letters of inquiry and rejection be omitted.
  • Section VIII.F.5.g(ii).  Request waiver of a vicinity map as items required on vicinity map will appear on other required maps and documents.
  • Section VIII.F.5.g.(iii).  Request waiver from showing topography at 2’ contour intervals for the 20 acre parcel, but showing it for the 100’ x 100’ leased area on which the tower will be located, the access drive to the leased area and for wetland flagging areas.
  • Section VIII.F.5.g.(iii) continued.  Request waiver from identifying on the plans, and labeling with their current height, all trees with diameters greater than 12” within a 200’ radius of the base of the tower.  Further, in lieu of labeling each tree with its current height, they propose providing the approximate overall average height of the trees located in the vicinity of the compound.
  • Section VIII.F.5.h.(ii).  Request delay in providing spot elevations until the tower plans are provided by the tower manufacturer.
  • Section VIII.F.5.h.(iii).  Request delay in providing location and details of underground utilities, and whether they are underground or overhead.   
  • Section VIII.F.5.i.(i).  Request delay in providing “plans, elevations, sections and details of the tower and tower equipment until after the special permit application.
  • Section VIII.F.5.i.(ii).  Request that photo simulations be substituted for drawings of cross sections drawn at right angles through the proposed tower, showing the ground profile ato at least 100’ beyond the limit of clearing.
  • Section VIII.F.5.i.(iii).  Request delay in providing specifications for the tower foundation.  This information will be submitted with the building permit application.
  • Section VIII.5.(vi).  Request delay in providing the engineer’s structural report until after the special permit application.
  • Section VIII.F.5.j.(i).  Request delay in providing cross sections of the equipment building until construction drawings are submitted.
  • Waivers were granted           
  • Western Massachusetts Electric Company requested a Special Permit to install a single twenty foot antenna on top of the existing cell tower, owned by Crown Castle International, located on East Otis Road.
  • A Public Hearing was held March 16, 2009.  No opposition to the project was heard.
  • No response was received from the notified abutters, the highway dept or the fire department
  • The project was approved unanimously.
  • SBA Network Services, Inc. has been awarded the cell tower project to be sited at 162 Colebrook River Road, by the Town of Tolland, (Map 410, Lot 14).  
  • Various issues pertaining to the parcel will require variances
  • They will be requesting an increase in height to 180’
  • Setbacks will require variances
  • Wetland problems exist
  • They are requesting a single, joint hearing with the Planning Board and Zoning Board of appeals, where they will be requesting a Special Permit plus three or more Variances.  
  • Site Plan approval was requested by Thomas O’Meara Jr. of 1416 Burt Hill road, Map 401-22.4.
  • Mr. O’Meara wants to add a 70’ x 20’ addition to the front of his barn, and a 50’ x 16’ addition to the back of the same barn.
  • The purpose of the additions is for storing vehicles under cover during bad weather.
  • Mr. O’Meara also wants to add a 28’ x 16’ addition to an existing 16’ x 12’ shed.
  • As all set backs will be meet, the site plan was approved unanimously.
As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gertrude T. McKay

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