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Revised Planning Board Minutes 10/16/06
        Meeting of 10/16/2006

Posting subject to approval by the Planning Board November 20th

Present:        James Joyce
James Deming
Jason Smith
Thomas Paine
Gertrude McKay
Meeting opened by Chairman James Joyce at 7:04.

Old Business:

·       Minutes of meetings of 9/18/2006 were amended and approved as amended.

·       Applicant – Mark De Celli and Sherry Lavoini, P.O. Box 1329 East Otis, MA 01029
Location – 84 Moreau Road, Map 102, Lot 12 & 19 (Contiguous lots treated as one).
Applicant wants to establish an apartment in his existing barn
The property is a pre-existing non conforming lot of less than one acre. Tolland’s Zoning Bylaw requires a minimum of two acres for the granting of a Special Permit for an accessory apartment.
The property has less than the required frontage.  The Tolland Zoning Bylaw requires that the frontage requirement for the applicable district be met for the granting of a Special Permit for an accessory apartment.
The intended size of the apartment exceeds the maximum of 1000 square feet, as specified in the Tolland Bylaw.

Action Taken – Application was denied by the following vote: one vote in favor, four votes opposed.

·       Applicant Wildwood Property Owners Association, 264 Beetle Road
Location – Front entrance of W.P.O.A., Map 116, Lot 64
     Rear entrance of W.P.O.A., Map 111, Lot 21.1
Two applications have been submitted, one for a sign at the front entrance (Map 116, Lot 64), and one for the rear entrance (Map 111, Lot 21.1).
 A separate fee of $175 was received for each application.
Action Taken – A Public Hearing has been tentatively scheduled for November 20th at 7:00 p.m.

New Business:

·       Applicant – Donald T. Wallace
Location – 188 South Trail, Map 110, Lot 9, and half of Lot 10.
- In building a basement under his existing house, the applicant had to remove sections of his house, in order to access the basement area.
- In the rebuilding process, the applicant enlarged several sections.  The contractor told the applicant that he would obtain site plan approval, but did not do so.
- All setbacks have been met.

Action Taken:  Site Plan Approved by unanimous vote.

·       Applicant – Eric and Sally Munson
Location - 1071 Burt Hill Road, Map 410, Lot 22.1.
Applicant wishes to build a barn on a conforming lot.
The proposed barn would be only 12 feet from the side line.

Action Taken:  Application denied unanimously.

·       The Planning Board went into Executive Session to discuss an abatement problem.

·       A letter will be sent by the Chairman to the Fire Department requesting that a Thank You letter be sent to Mrs. Hiller who donated the rebate from her Special Permit Application to the Fire Department.
·       The Secretary of the Planning Board has been asked to submit a monthly statistical summary of activities for posting to the Town’s Web Site.

·       Planning Board members are asked to redo the check lists for Special Permits and Site Plan Approvals.

The next meeting of the Planning Board is scheduled for November 20th, at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Gertrude T. McKay

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