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Planning Board Minutes 5/16/06
        MeetingMay 16, 2006

Present:        Steve McAlister
James Deming
Jason Smith
James Joyce
Gertrude McKay
Meeting opened by Chairman Steve McAlister at timeMinute21Hour197:21.

Old Business:

1. Minutes of meeting of April 24, 2006 were read, amended and approved as amended.

2  The report from the Attorney General’s Office concerning their review of our new Zoning Bylaw, was distributed, read and discussed.  It was determined that

a. Problems involving the specification of penalties (i.e., Article 10) should be referred to our Town Attorney.  The Planning Board will then amend the Bylaw if necessary.

b. Articles 4 and 5 will be referred to the Board of Selectmen for their input.

c. Since the new Zoning Bylaw has been approved, it is now in effect in the Town of Tolland.

New Business:

1.      Applicant:      Edmund and Carol St. Laurent
     Location: \92 Schoolhouse Road
                        Map 413Lot 1.4
Description:    Site Plan Approval for a previously subdivided lot.  The owner of the two adjacent lots wishes to enlarge the size of the smaller lot, thereby reducing slightly, the size of the larger.  The smaller lot will be over 8 acres and the larger lot will exceed 22 acres.  Adequate frontage exists for both lots.  This is an “ANR” (approval not required) subdivision of property.
Action Taken:  Approval granted by unanimous vote.

2.  After thanking retiring Chairman Steve McAlister, who has served on Tolland’s Planning Board for nineteen years, most of those years as Chairman, James Deming nominated James Joyce to be the new Chairman of the Planning Board.  The motion was seconded by Gert McKay and approved unanimously.

3.  The Tolland Zoning Board of Appeals sent a verbal request to the Planning Board for            their opinions on Mrs. Kennedy’s application for a Variance to subdivide her lot.  A discussion followed which centered on two main  points

a. Such a subdivision is in clear violation of Massachusetts Zoning Regulations (Chapter 40A).

b. This would establish a serious precedent, which would be detrimental to Tolland and to the future enforcement of Tolland’s Zoning Bylaws.

Meeting adjourned at timeMinute 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gertrude T. McKay

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