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Planning Board Minutes 09/19/05

Meeting of 9/19/2005

Present:        Steve McAlister
James Joyce
James Deming
Jason Smith
Gertrude McKay
Meeting opened by Chairman Steve McAlister at 7:12

Old Business:

1.      Minutes of meeting of 7/18/05 approved unanimously.
2.      Minutes of meeting of 8/15/05 approved unanimously.
New Business:

        1.      Applicant:      Richard and Cynthia Columbian
                Location:       Map 409, Lot 18.1
                                205 West Granville Road
                    Description:        Applicant requested Site Plan Approval for subdivision of property into five (5), Approval Not Required Lots of 2 or more acres, having 200 or more feet of frontage on either West Granville Road or School House Road.

                Since James Joyce is an abutting neighbor, he recused himself.

It was brought to the Board’s attention that Tolland’s Subdivision
Regulations require a $35 fee for each new lot created in the Approval Not
equired category.  To date, the Board has not been charging this fee.

Action Taken:
A motion was made, seconded and approved by fourvotes to immediatel begin assessing this fee.  It further moved, seconded and approved the Columbian subdivision.  A fee of $140 was collected.
2.      Applicant:      Charles D. and Sophie E. Drabek
        Location:       409 Clubhouse Road
                        Map 409, Lots 9.11 and 9.12
Description:    Site Plan Approval for the revision of the boundary line between two lots which had previously been subdivided.  The Board verified that the lots are in the ARII zone, and have the required 200 foot frontage.  
Action Taken:  Site Plan was approved.

3.      Applicant:      Bobbie Jo Day
        Location:       632 West Granville Road
                        Map 412, Lot 5
Description:    Site Plan Approval for a garage and addition an existing house.
Action Taken:  Site Plan Approved unanimously subject to verification by Zoning Enforcement Officer.

4.      Applicant:      
        Location:       West Granville Road (Rt. 57)
                             Map 413, Lot 10
Description:    Site Plan did not show setbacks.  Since the Site Plan was drawn to scale, measurements were added to the plan to show minimum setbacks required.
Action Taken:  Site Plan was approved as amended.
        5.      Applicant:      Calasha G. Gish & Caroline Spengler
                Location:       103 Otter Pond Trail
                                Map 114, Lot 62
Description:    Two additions to an existing house on a pre-existing, non-conforming lot.  As the Architect on the project, Steve McAlister recused himself.
Action Taken: As all setbacks will be met, the Site Plan was approved by a unanimous vote of the remaining four members.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50

Respectfully submitted,
Gertrude T. McKay

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