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Planning Board Minutes 425/2005

        Meeting of 4/25/2005

Meeting called to order by chairman Steve McAlister at 7:20.

Present:        Steve McAlister
James Joyce
Jason Smith
James Deming
Gertrude McKay
                Alternate Travis Paine

Old Business:
Minutes of March 21,2005 were discussed and approved unanimously.

New Business:
1.      Applicant:              Charles and Sophie Drobek
Parcel:                 Map 409,  Lot 9.12
Location:               213 Clubhouse Road
Mailing Address:        206 Pine Street
        Columbia CT 06237
Description:    Applicant brought a corrected map for the subdivision on his lot which had received Site Plan Approval at the July 19, 2004 meeting of the Planning Board.  An illegal flag lot has been removed from the map.  The remaining two lots show the required frontage.

Action Taken:   Correction of map was approved and new map signed.
2.      Applicant:      Karl & Jean Foster
                110 Cyprus Street, Apt. 207
Brookline, MA 02445
                Location:       Map 109, Lot 4
                                347 North Trail
                      Description:     Site Plan Approval for the addition of a 25’ x 30’, two story  garage containing two bedrooms, a bath, sitting room and wet bar
        On second floor.        .
        Action Taken:  Since extension contained  no kitchen and all setbacks were met,                          Site Plan Approval was granted by unanimous vote.

        3.      Applicant:      Arthur and Maxine Fishman
                Location:       87 Chipmunk Crossing            
                                Map 115, Lot 77
Description:    Site Plan Approval for reconstruction of a house destroyed by fire in 2004.  Plan which was submitted at meeting of March 21, 2005, has been modified by removing a new deck which did not meet the required setbacks.
Action Taken: As setback requirements are now met, Site Plan Approval was granted by unanimous vote.

4.      The need for an assistant to the webmaster was discussed, so that corrections to the website can be made in a timely manner.  Jim Deming will take this suggestion to the Board of Selectman.
5.       A discussion of the new street lighting was held.  Questions were raised concerning
whether Planning Board input should have been requested.  James Deming explained that the lighting was installed to satisfy State requirements for Town improvements in order to maintain State Grants.  The State paid for the installation.   A motion was made and approved to request the Board of Selectmen to hold a meeting to seek the resident’s opinion on the subject.

6.      A motion was made and approved to request record keeping portfolios for members of the Planning Board.

7.      A request was made by James Joyce to ask the Zoning Bylaw Review Committee to postpone their May 4th review with the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, in order to give the Planning Board time to review the entire 60 page document and come up with one voice on all changes.  Since eighteen months of persistent work has already been expended by the Committee, the request for postponement was voted down.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

Respectfully submitted,

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