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Planning Board Minutes 7/19/2004
        Meeting of  7/19/2004

Meeting called to order by Chairman McAlister at 7:06.

Present:        Steve McAlister
Gertrude McKay
James Joyce
Jason Smith
James Deming

Public Hearing:  Renewal of Special Permit for Earth Product Removal  
Applicant:      Francine Demonstranti
Location:       Map 410, Lot 5
Deed:           Book 10943, Page 423-424, Hampden Registry
Cut Value:      91,487 cubic yards
Fill value:     28 cubic yards
Comments:       Very little fill has been removed to date.  No one               appeared to comment.  The Planning Board will make a site inspection Tuesday 27th, 7:00 p.m.

Public Hearing closed at 7:20.

New Business:
1.      Applicant:      Thomas Leveille, et al
        Location:       16 Ona Road
                        Map 101, Lot 72
Description: A 22’ x 22’ Addition to house and addition of a deck on two sides of house
Findings:       Setbacks from Otis Reservoir were not being met.  Applicant modified plan by reducing size of deck, to withing allowed setbacks
Action Taken: Board approved modified plan which will require a building fee of $485.60.

     2.    Applicant:  James :& Sharen Messinger
        Location:       1195 Cvolebrook River Road      
Parcel: Map 411, Lot 21.1
Description:    Site Plan for existing 12’ x 9’ shed.
Action Taken:   Lot is conforming and all are setbacks meet.  The site plan was therefore approved.

3.      Applicant:      Charles and Sophie Drobek
Location:       213 Clubhouse Road
                                Map 409, lot 9.12
Description:    Site Plan for Approval Not Required for Subdivision of one lot having required size, frontage and setbacks.
Findings:       Plan shows a future flag lot drawn in using broken (i.e., not solid) lines.  Discussion pursued as to appropriateness of showing an unapproved, and illegal lot on the plot plan. After much discussion, a note was written on the plot plan stating that the illegal lot was not approved. Thereafter, the “Approval Not Required Lot” was given site plan approval.

4.      Applicant:      Donald & Margaret McClelland
       Location:       Colebrook River Road
Map 410, Lot 11 & 13
Description:    Site Plan approval for increasing size of an approved but unbuilt attached garage, and for adding living space above the garage.
Action Taken:   Lot is conforming and all setbacks meet.  The site plan was therefore approved.

5.      Open Space Plan Endorsed: The Planning Board endorsed unanimously the “Tolland Open Space and Recreation Plan” prepared by the Environmental Institute of the University of Massachusetts – Amherst and Tolland’s Open Space Committee.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20.

Respectfully submitted,
Gertrude T. McKay

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