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Planning Board 04/26/04

        Meeting of 4/26/2004

Meeting called to order by Chairman McAlister at 7:09.

Present:        Steve McAlister
Gertrude McKay
James Joyce
Jason Smith
James Deming

Old Business:  
Minutes for meetings of 4/26/04 were approved as written.

New Business:
1.      Applicant:      Mark A. Houle
Parcel:         Map 403, Lot 7
Location:               323 Clubhouse Rd
Description:    Site Plan for 3479 square foot house on 5.38 acre lot.
Action Taken:   Lot is conforming and all setbacks meet.  The site plan was therefore approved.

2.      Applicant:      Charles and Sophie Drabek
106 Holaberd Rd
Winsted, CT
Location:               Clubhouse Road  
Map 403, Lot 2
Description:    Applicant wanted to create a flag lot by subdividing Lot 2 into two lots, One with required frontage, the second with driveway width frontage, only.
Action Taken:   Creation of "Flag" or "Back" Lots is not permitted by Tolland's bylaw; the permission was denied.

3.      Applicant:      Tim Deming
       Location:               1403 New Boston Rd.
Map 403, Lot 7.7
Description:    Site Plan approval for existing 8 x 10 foot shed.
Action Taken:   James Deming reclused himself from the discussion and voting.  As lot is conforming and all setbacks are meet for the shed, Site Plan was approved by the remaining members of the Planning Board.

4.      Applicant:      Eric R. Munson III
Location:               1071 Burt Hill Road
Map 410, Lot 22.1

Description:    Site Plan approval for an existing 6'x 8' shed.  The front and side line setbacks were shown on the plan, as conforming.  The back line setback was not shown, but was assumed to be greater than 25 feet.
Action Taken:   Site Plan approval was granted, conditioned on the back line setback being greater than or equal to 25 feet, and such information being added to the map.

5.      Applicant:      Robert McMann, Architect        
Owner:          Elaine C. Habelt
Location:               334 Fox Den Road
Map 120, Lot 88
Description:    Site Plan for addition to residence on non conforming lot, lacking necessary acreage and frontage.
Action Taken:   Since house and intended addition conform to setback requirements, a special permit will  not be required.  Site Plan approval was granted.

6.      Applicant:      Patrick Storey, Jr.
Owner:          Driftwood Communities Association, Inc.
Map 102, Lot 40
Description:    Owners wish to modify existing dock on Otis Reservoir. They request the signing of a Municipal Zoning Certificate, and a statement that the project is not in violation of the Town of Tolland Zoning Bylaws.
Action Taken:   Since the project is not in violation of Tolland's Zoning Bylaws, the applicant was given a signed, Municipal Zoning Certificate.

7.      Applicant:      Wesley Greene
Location:               1714 Colebrook River Road
Map 401, Lot 29.2
Description:    Site Plan for an existing 29'x 12' shed which meets all setbacks.
Action Taken:   Site Plan approved.  Building Permit will be required with a fee of $17.40.
8.      Applicant:      Wildwood Property Owners Association
Location:               Beetle Road
Description:    Building Inspector requested a site plan for an existing shed built in 1969.
Action Taken:   Since this shed predates zoning in the Town of Tolland, no Site Plan Approval is required.
9.      Applicant:      James L. Deming

Location:               East Otis Road
Map 403, Lot 36.2
Description:    Request site approval for an "Approval Not Required" subdivision of a new 3.654 acre lot having frontage of 632 feet.
Action Taken:   James Deming, reclused himself from the discussion and voting on this application.  Site Plan was approved by the remaining four members of the Planning Board.

10.     The Planning Board discussed a Special Permit Fee for Personal Wireless Service Facilities of three thousand dollars ($3,000) to be submitted with the Application.  This proposal was approved by a four to one vote.

11.     Fees for other Special Permits were discussed, and a partially refundable fee of one hundred seventy-five dollars ($175) was approved.  Unused balances after all mailing, publication and clerical costs are paid, will be refunded to the applicant.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Gertrude T. McKay

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