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EReaders and Tolland Library
Tolland Public Library and the Amazon Kindle and other EReaders
I am sure there are many of you that received Kindles as gifts over the holidays. And I know there are more of you who already have them or Nooks or Kindle Apps on your iPods or iPads. I am also sure that many of you have heard that you should be able to borrow ebooks through your public library. I have bad news and good news. I will get the bad news over with first as it takes very little explaining and then move right into the good news.
Ebooks not avaialble Directly from Tolland Public Library: You will not now or probably ever be able to borrow an ebook from the Tolland Public Library. I have researched all possibilities. In order for TPL to offer such a service, we would need to be a full member of CWMARS (Central/Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing). We are only a partial member which allows us to receive Inter-Library Loans. In order to be a full member, our library materials would have to be digitally catalogued, so they might be loaned to other libraries. The cost of cataloging the library is estimated around the $7500 mark. The first year of membership has an annual fee of $3500 and $2500 in subsequent years. So as you can probably tell, this will not happen anytime soon in Tolland as this would more than double our annual operating budget. There is, however, good news.
Where you get EBooks from Massachusetts Public Libraries: Because the Tolland Public Library works so hard, with the help of its loyal supporters, to maintain state certification, we get two benefits….we get state aid and we get the benefit of reciprocity. As long as we stay certified, people of Tolland can become members of the public libraries of any town in the state of Massachusetts. Many of those town’s libraries ARE full members of CWMARS. When you become a patron of those libraries, your assigned number can be used at the CWMARS website to download ebooks from their database. HALLELUIA! The two closest libraries which are full members of CWMARS are Otis (they financed their membership with an anonymous $10,000 donation and the town’s agreement to fund the annual cost) and Agawam. If you have any trouble with membership, just let me know.

CWMARS website: Now spend sometime online perusing the CWMARS website. If you go to the main page of www., there is a link for a video tutorial on borrowing kindle ebooks. Regardless of which ereader you own, the video can be helpful in understanding how to search for available material. Click on “Library Catalogs” drop down menu on the top bar and select digital catalog. There are many options to search through. Audio books as well. Try hard not to drool. It is very exciting. I will be exploring the database and should hopefully be able to help if you have any trouble.
So go get yourself a card to a CWMARS full member library. Their members are also listed on their website. But please don’t forget to support us as well with your patronage. We need to remain active so that you can maintain this privilege. One other word…check out… a site really for Kindle users. I will try to expand my knowledge for other readers but am still in the early love phase with my Kindle. Forgive me. Good luck everyone and don’t forget that the ereader will never have that new book smell.

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