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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 9/2/2014
Tolland Public Library
Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes:  September 2, 2014

Present:  Trustees: Penny Babbitt, Gloria Gery, and Jessica Kelmelis, Library Director.  Absent: Jackie Bitso

Call to Order:   The meeting was called to order by Chair, Gloria Gery at 9:03 a.m.

Minutes:  Minutes of the September 14, 2013 Trustees meeting were approved as read.

Old Business:

  • Donated Funds:
  • Available Funds: There is at least $765 dollars left in the discretionary funds from donations.  Jessica will very with Margaret McClellan that all donations have been properly credited to the account.  She will email the total to Trustees.
  • Expenditures from donated and grant funds:   Trustee Penny Babbitt recommended we use donated funds to purchase a new wireless printer/copier/scanner to be available to patrons and residents for personal use at a fee of $.05 per copy and $10 per color copy.  The current copier is not functioning properly. Gloria Gery recommended that color capability be included.  A quality piece of equipment would be in the range of $500 to $700.  Jessica will research and email her recommendations to Trustees for review.   If affordable, equipment will be purchased from the town vendor and included in the town service contract.  If not affordable, Jessica will explore other vendors/stores.  The air conditioner, dehumidifier and programmable thermostat purchased with donated funds are working well.
  • Other Needs: There are no other immediate needs for these funds and they will be maintained on account until a need emerges.  It is possible that the sofa and reading chairs might be replaced.  There is a possibility of an in-kind donation of a work table for the printer and other furnishings.  These will be followed up on.
  • Removal of existing copier equipment.  Jessica will request that the town equipment vendor remove the unused and non-functioning Town Hall copier to make room for the new equipment.  Non-functioning equipment to Best Buy for recycling.  If a new wireless printer/scanner/copier meets all needs, other poorly functioning equipment will be removed.
  • Library Building:
  • Repairs:  Rotting and leaking soffits and fashia were replaced with PVC Board.  They will prevent further water problems until such time as permanent building renovations are accomplished.  Rotting doors and sills will be temporarily repaired.
  • Long Term Planning – Library Exterior.  The Library sills,  windows and doors and siding require major renovations and replacements.  Exploratory discussions are being held with the Board of Selectmen about requirements, options and costs.  Jessica Kelmelis will be exploring available funds from the State Library organization and grant making organizations to determine what funds are available and what use requirements are.  She will also approach Phil Grannan about Community Foundation of Western Mass. to assure the Library does not compete with or be preempted by the Fire Department in soliciting grants. Depending on available external funds,   other town priorities and budget monies available it is hoped to schedule renovations to be completed by end of FY 2016.  The exterior would NOT be vinyl but materials that are appropriate to the building.  The building does not have a historical designation status due to the number of additions and renovations that have been made.  The Trustees also discussed the possibility of a capital campaign or other fundraisers.  Jessica will check with the Library Board to be clear on restrictions and requirements for such activities.
  • Library Events
  • Music: The Bruce Mandel concert was attended by 12 people.  He will not be rescheduled for FY 2015.  
  • Pastels Class: Taught by  Gregory Marchack, it was fully enrolled (13) painting in the style of Georgia O’Keefe’s Sunflowers. Next year’s schedule is for Red Poppies.
  • Other:  The Cultural Council will be called to see if there are other people submitting programs to consider.
  • Library Network Membership.  Granville has joined CWMARS Library Network as a mini-member.  Jessica will be attending a workshop on 9/16/14 to explore membership.  Benefits, if affordable, include direct access by patrons to interlibrary loan for all materials types, rapid delivery to the library.  Jessica will develop recommendations for consideration at the next Trustees meeting.
  • Trustee Election:  Gloria Gery was reelected to a new 3-year term as Library Trustee.
New Business:
  • FY 2014 Library Statistics:  Statistics about circulation were reviewed with annual data from 2009 through 2014 summarized.  These were filed by August 22nd with the State.  Both book and video circulation increased, while audio circulation decreased. Attendance, or the number of people entering the library is at an all-time high of 2096, up 16.5% from  2009.  There are 311 Patrons (library card holders).  Public access computer use is down, although stats are not collected.  Use of the WiFi is high with people bringing their own machines.  Statistics are attached to these minutes.  They will also be posted on News and Notices and in the Tattler.
  • Library Regionalization.  Gloria Gery recommended a discussion of library regionalization occur at the next meeting to determine whether its merits/advantages are worth further exploration.
  • Trustee Report for Tattler/New and Notices.  The Trustees will write a report for publication in the Tattler/News and Notices.
Next Meeting:  April 14, 2015 at 9 a.m. at the Library

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 10:02  a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Gery, Trustee and Chair

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