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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 5/1/2012

Tolland Public Library
Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes:  May 1, 2012

Present:  Trustees: Penny Babbitt, Jackie Bitso, Gloria Gery, and Jessica Kelmelis, Library Director.  

Call to Order:   The meeting was called to order by Gloria Gery at 9:30 a.m.

Minutes:  Minutes of the September 6, 2011 Trustees meeting were approved as read.

Old Business:

December Trustees Meeting was cancelled.

Chair, Library Trustees:  Gloria Gery was unanimously elected as Chair and will continue as Secretary,

Expenditures from donated and grant funds:  Penny Babbitt raised a question about using donated monies for capital equipment/repairs/building equipment vs. increasing materials.  Jessica stated that our materials are adequate for the town.  She is continuously weeding out older materials based on use.   $1900 remains in donated monies.  $1150 is estimated to remain following air conditioner purchase/installation.

Air Conditioning and Building Insulation:
  • The building insulation upgrade has made the building much tighter.  A fuel oil reduction is expected and a report on costs will be forthcoming at the end of the fiscal year.
  • A window unit air conditioner will be ordered from Manny’s in time to be installed for summer season.  Units were not available in September as expected. Air conditioner will be on a timer to conserve energy.  Tolland Mountain Builders will install a removable platform. It will be installed in the window near the DVD racks. This unit was paid for by donations. Cost:  $600.
Landscaping:  Jessica will purchase large Hosta and other perennials to fill in the landscaped space.

eBooks:  Jessica will write up procedures on obtaining eBooks at other libraries by June 1, 2010 and they will be posted on the internet.

Some libraries are buying eReader to loan to patrons.  Jessica will consider this following her participation in the EBook workshop sponsored by Mass. Library system.

Budget and Materials:  Jessica will expend the remaining budget for the current fiscal year by year end.  Most will be spent on materials.  

Heat:  Jessica will purchase a programmable thermostat to program heat turn up/down based on library hours.  Library will be kept at 50 degrees to conserve energy and reduce heating bills.

New Business

New Trustee:  Jessica will enter Jackie Bitso’s name in nomination for a full term as Library Trustee at the May 10, 2012 Town Caucus.

Mass Broadband:  Mass Broadband installed a panel in the library behind the Librarian’s desk in preparation for connection to Mass Broadband fiber optic cable to be run along Route 57 at a TBD date.  The installation occurred while Jessica was on vacation and is too high.  The panel will be lowered, along with a co-located phone line.  Cables come up through the floor and will not be affected.  Just the panel will be moved.

Cabinets:  Jessica recommended purchase of storage cabinets in the library main room and bathroom.  She will assure accessibility requirements are maintained.  Some cabinets need to be repaired in the kitchen.  Gloria offered Bob Gery’s services in assisting Jessica with cabinet selection, etc. after she develops a plan.  Details on number, location, installation and cost will be developed.

Electrical work requirements:  An electrician will be hired to (1) lower the telephone wires/connections, (2) move the Mass Broadband panel board, (3) assess power service requirements for air conditioner and install appropriate wiring/outlet, (4) sump pump alarm installation (if necessary), (5) programmable thermostat.

Basement Clean Out:  There was a flood in the basement in September 2011.  Two feet of water was found.  Fire Department pumped out the basement.  Jessica will confirm with Wayne Carr that the sump pump is on an alarm.  As a result, most of the basement is now clear.

Workshops: Jessica will be attending a workshop on Mass Broadband in Springfield in May.  She will also attend a Mass. Library System workshop on eBooks.  Policies, practices, etc. will be discussed.

Library Statistics:  Jessica will develop library circulation and materials listings for discussion at the September Trustees meeting>

Summer Workshops:  A summer workshop on pastel painting is scheduled.  Jessica is considering a targeted beading workshop.

Budget:  The Library budget was submitted to the Selectmen.  The budget is level funded with no increases.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 10:17 a.m.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, September 12, 2012.  9:00 a.m. at the Tolland Public Library.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Gery, Trustee

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