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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 6/15/2010

Tolland Public Library Trustees Meeting
June 15, 2010

Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 3:40 p.m.

Present: Carolyn Locke, Penny Babbitt, Gloria Gery and Library Director, Jessica Kelmelis. ~~~

Minutes: The March 22, 2010 meeting minutes were approved unanimously.

Old Business:

Aetna Volunteer Grants: The $900 received from Aetna, Inc. in December 2009 will be used for exterior plantings.  An additional $600 will be received in December 2010 from Trustees Gery  and Babbitt who are Aetna retirees and are eligible for $300 each in volunteer grants annually for their service to the Library.  Jessica has purchased children’s educational software with some of the donated funds.

Library Regionalization (CWMARS) has been dissolved.  The state Library Commissioners approved dissolution of the regional library system and Tolland will no longer be supported by the Western MA regional system.  This will impact services and procedures.  Jessica will attend training to understand the requirements, etc. on June 17th.  

Tolland Flag: The Tolland Town flag is in production and will be complete by the Bicentennial.  Large flags were ordered for the Library and two town flag poles and the State House in Boston.  Smaller versions will be ordered and available for sale at the Bicentennial (probably $4).

Library Lending Policy Revision: Revisions to the lending policy have been deferred until after the consequences of the new Interlibrary Loan are understood following training for Jessica on June 17th.

Facebook Page for the Library:  The Library’s Facebook page is up and running.  Jessica will get the information to Gloria to have a link placed on the website and posted in News and Notices.

Photographic Archive of Tolland in 2010:  There was no response to the request for photographs for the archive.  The project has been discontinued.

GTCSF Book Sale:  All donated books and books removed from the Tolland Library circulation were donated to the GTCSF book sale.  New donations started coming into the Library the next day!  Jessica will continue to accept donations and put appropriate books into circulation.  Remaining books will continue to be given to the Granville Library and GTCSF book sales.

New Business

Trustee Election:  Trustee Penny Babbitt was reelected to the Library Trustees for a second three-year term at the June 15, 2010 Town Elections.

Exterior Landscaping:  Jessica will consult with Anson Landscaping in Southwick to identify appropriate large-pot plantings and a tree to be planted at the southeast corner of the Library.  She will order and install window-boxes with annual flower plantings.  Materials will be purchased with donated funds from the Aetna Volunteer Grants.

Library Regionalization:  Librarian training will occur on June 17th. Consequences of changes will be presented to the Trustees at the September Board meeting.

Quilting Library Donations: The Granville Quilting and Needlework Guild is disbanding its quilt books library.  Carolyn Locke will identify about six high-quality books with a long shelf life to be requested for donation to the Tolland Library.

Library Statistics:  Jessica will compile 2002-2010 Library statistics for the annual Town report and provide Trustees with a three year comparison of data including circulation, patrons, etc. for the September Trustees meeting.

Summer Library Events:  There will be no summer 2010 library-sponsored events due to lack of participation and duplication of activities in Granville and Sandisfield.

Next Trustees Meeting Date:  Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 3:30 p.m. at the Library.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Gery
Tolland Public Library

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