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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 06/07/07

Town of Tolland
Library Trustees
June 6, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order:  The meeting commenced at 3:35 p.m.

Present:  Penny Babbitt, Gloria Gery and Librarian Jessica Kelmelis.  Absent:  Carolyn Locke.

Minutes:  The minutes of the March 14, 2007 Trustees meeting were approved as read.

Old Business

Trustee Election:  Penny Babbitt was reelected for an additional 3 year term as trustee with her term ending in 2010.

Toddler Reading Group:  Four children consistently attend.  The program will be suspended for the summer due to busy library activity.  It will resume in the September.

Museum Passes:
Norman Rockwell Museum passes are valid through August 31st and will not be renewed until next spring since they were not used during the winter
Hancock Shaker Village:  A pass for four persons to enter has been ordered and will be announced in the July Library news.  Use policy will be the same as for Norman Rockwell.
Other Museums:  Cost is prohibitive.

Capital Projects:
Library Floor:  Lally columns to shore the floor are on order and work bill be completed in June>
Basement Clean out:  The dumpster is on order and clean out will occur after the floor work is complete.
Library Painting:  The exterior painting project was approved in the Town budget: Jessica will contact Wayne Carr to assure bids are obtained with a goal toward completion by late fall.
Refrigerator.  New refrogeratpr installed to replace non-working unit.
Wireless Printer:  Will be ordered in July in the new fiscal year.
Draperies:  Valences were hung

Satellite Internet:  Installed and working and very popular.  Two computers are currently hooked up and the third will be as soon as a hole for wiring is drilled.

New Business:


New Computers:  William Dunn of Wildwood donated two nearly new computers to the Library.  They are working well.  A letter of appreciation will be sent to Mr. Dunn

Satellite Antenna Booster:  Myles Trachtenberg offered to donate a booster to speed satellite transmission rates.  Jessica will request permission from the state since we do not own the satellite.

Computer and Internet Use Policy:  Jessica recommended revisions to our computer and internet use policy and related administrative procedures.  Discussion ensued about what the Library may or may not prohibit. Jessica will revise the policy and circulate it by email to Trustees for immediate action.  The policy should be posted as soon as possible at the Library, website and in the Tatter.

Guidelines for Children’s Use of the Computer:  The Library may not prohibit access to chat rooms, instant message or sites such as My Space.  Privacy regulations prohibit reporting of children’s use to parents.  Guidelines will be posted at the library for children.  The computer use policy will inform parents of their responsibility to provide guidance and monitoring to their children.

Library Security:  Deadbolts will be installed to increase Library security.  The front door will have a dead bolt with a key on the interior lock.  The door on the Rt. 57 side will have a deadbolt with ability to open it with and knob from the interior.  By law, the dead bolts must be unlocked when the Library is open to assure emergency exit.  Jessica will assure all Library staff understand and comply with this requirement.

Materials Reservation Policy:  Discussion about whether library materials may be reserved for a specific date.  Logistical complexities and staff overhead associating with calling, etc. were considerations.  Wait lists are maintained for circulating items.   Motion: Gloria Gery moved and Penny Babbitt seconded that “The Tolland Public Library will not accept reservations for specified materials on a named date”. The motion was passed unanimously.

New Children’s Materials Bookcase and Librarian Desk:  Jessica requested permission to use the Office Equipment budget for the town to purchase these items since our budget has been depleted with purchase of tables and chairs for the new computers.  We must maintain a ratio of expense for Library Materials vs. other expenses including equipment.  We are awaiting approval from the Selectmen who requested identification of items of sufficient quality to last.

Ice Cream Program will resume in July.

Library Activity:  Activity at the Library is high due to high usage by new families in town, families home-schooling their children and the fact that it’s a nice place to be.  It’s expected that the new computers and high-speed internet access will increase activity.  Fiscal year statistics will be completed at the end of June.

Video Materials:  A major replacement and purchase of new videos is in progress for both space and updating issues.  Old VHS tapes will be sold at the Library.  The next round of purchases and replacements will be for children’s; video materials.

Next Meeting:  The next Trustees meeting is schedules for 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12, 2007.

Meeting Adjourned:  The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Gery

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