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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 12/13/06

Tolland Public Library
Trustees Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2006

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Chair, Carolyn Locke, at 3:32 p.m.

Present:  Carolyn Locke, Gloria Gery and Librarian, Jessica Kelmelis and Penny Babbitt.

Meeting Minutes:  Minutes of the September 13, 2006Trustees meeting were corrected to reflect the proper September meeting date.  The minutes were approved as corrected.

Gloria reported that all signed back copies of Library Trustees Meeting Minutes were provided to the Town Clerk as requested.  The Town Clerk by law must receive a signed paper copy of approved minutes and cannot accept them electronically or use the Town website version as legal minutes.  All future minutes will be sent following approval at the next meeting.

Old Business

Capital Projects:

Library Painting and Carpeting:   All items were moved from the Library and shelves/behind shelves and other final painting areas completed.   New carpeting was installed and the library looks terrific.  An  8’ x 10’ area rug will be purchased for in front of the sofa.  Slipcovers for the chairs/sofa will be purchased to complete the library renovation.

National Honor Society and other students assisted in removing and replacing items so the work could be done.  They were recognized in Library News in the Tattler and on the town website and the coordinator for community service at the school received letters confirming their work time.

Refrigerator:  The refrigerator will be replaced before summer with a basic 19 cu. Foot unit.  The old refrigerator will be removed by the vendor.  
Draperies:  Jessica will hang the valences.

Shoring up Library Floor:  No progress has been made on shoring up the Library floor.  Carolyn Locke will attend the December 18th Selectmen’s meeting to request action.  The project may or may not require removing/moving items stored in the library basement.  She will write to be assured a place on the Selectmen’s agenda.  Jessica reported that the Library is safe – but capacity and use of the area for book storage is limited for safety reasons.

Inventory of books, furniture and supplies:  Completed and stored on CD with a copy at Tolland Town Hall and at Jessica’s home.

Broadband Access:
Jessica received communication that the Western Mass. Regional Library System received funding and approval today to begin installation of broadband access in Hilltown Communities using funds from the Gates Foundation Grants to Libraries.  These grants are awarded at the State level and priority for their use is determined by the state.  Tolland has requested to be a test town and Jessica will maintain communication with WMRLS.  It is virtually certain that they will install and support satellite internet connection.  Jessica will also check to be certain that we receive the highest speed of service available through Hughes Satellite and will determine whether additional budgeting will be necessary to pay for it.

Wireless Router and Printing: Rather than purchase a replacement copier which is needed, Jessica will look into an All-In-One machine to permit copying, printing and scanning.  Fax capability is not needed.  Requirements include a flatbed for copying/scanning from books and four ink cartridge capability for efficient and full use of print cartridges. Since ink cartridge costs are significant, Jessica will propose fees for printing.

Use of Patron Laptops: Library patrons will be able to bring their laptops to the library to use wireless capability for their email.

Internet Use Policy:  Jessica will propose an internet use policy revision based on expected high usage of broadband at the library.

New Business

Nature of Tolland Day – 2007: The Trustees will support another Nature of Tolland Day tentatively scheduled for June 20, 2007.  Jessica discussed the possibility of entertainment which was a previous success with the Fire Department and will check with Steve Dellagiustina.  Various alternatives for exhibits were discussed.  If the rest of the town committees and individuals involved in 2006 day agree, we will participate.

Library Budget – 2007:  Jessica will submit the Library budget by year end as required.  Capital requests will include repairing/replacing/painting the fascia board on the front of the library which is badly peeling.  She will also request technology to include an additional PC and wireless printer/copier and wireless router for expected increased use of the internet when Broadband connection is installed.

Children’s Corner:  A discussion about the children’s corner and its use occurred.

Town of Tolland Flag Design:  Jessica has proposed and received approval from the Selectmen to institute a request for design of a town flag to hang in the state hall of flags.  The Trustees agreed.  Jessica will communicate about this in the Tattler and on the website.

Next Meeting:  The next Trustees Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 at 3:30 p.m. at the Library.

Meeting Adjourned:  The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gloria Gery, Trustee

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