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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 03/08/06

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 3:40 p.m. by Chair, Carolyn Locke:

Present:  Carolyn Locke, Penny Babbitt and Gloria Gery, Trustees:  Jessica Kelmelis, Librarian

Meeting Minutes:  Minutes of the November 15, 2005 meeting were approved as written.

Old Business:
Handicapped Parking Sign:  Installed in January 2006 by the Tolland Public Works Department.

Library Use Policy:  Revised by Jessica Kelmelis and posted on Tolland Website in November 2005.

Pay Rate Differential:  If experienced employees are replaced by new employees we will pay less per hour for inexperienced employees.

Reference Material Replacement:  Replaced as discussed in November minutes.  Task completed.

Christmas Library Open House:  35 people attended.  The children had a blast.  Hillary Carl’s painting exhibit was a success.  Thanks to Sue Voudren for her assistance.

Library Capital Projects

Library capital projects must be completed within fiscal year end.  If not, monies will not be available.  Trustees have concerns about the need to shore up floor beams and to be assured that the furnace does not, in fact, have to be replaced.  See details below.  Jessica will continue to monitor these projects.  Chair Carolyn Locke will write a letter to the Selectmen about our concerns and questions.  We have not received a response to our November 2005 letter but some actions have been taken.

Bids and Actions

Painting:  one bid from Bob Gaynor of Granville, MA..  Bid negotiated to cost within budget.  Painting will be completed by fiscal year end.  Walls will be painted with eggshell finish.  Bookcases will not be repainted by Mr. Gaynor due to expense.  Volunteers will paint bookshelves and visible wall behind them over the next six months

Door Replacement:  No bids received.  The basement door was destroyed by wind in a storm. The additional money for the third door brings us to maximum budget.  Rather than have a Special Town Meeting to reallocate funds, Eric Munson, Jr. will get a group of volunteers to hang the doors that have been purchased and received.  Jessica will follow up with Eric to schedule the installation.

Furnace Replacement:  Two heating companies looked at the furnace and said it was operational and did not have to be replaced.  It was serviced.  To assure that Library Trustee records indicate professional review Jessica will ask for names and dates of heating company evaluations.  She will also diary the furnace cleaning so it is serviced annually. She will present this letter to the Trustees when received.

Draperies:  Jessica will ask Shirley Warner to evaluate the condition of the draperies.  They must be taken down during the interior painting.  They may be too expensive to dry clean.  Jessica will recommend action to the Trustees.

Shoring Basement Beams:  Inspection by the Tolland Building Inspector, Eric Munson, Jr. indicated a 9 person maximum building occupancy based on existing floor support beams.  Previous Public Works Director, Brad Burrall, recommended floor beams being shored up.  No bids were received for this work. The Trustees want an inspection by a qualified professional with a written report documenting finds to either determine they must be replaced or remove the occupancy limits.  Chair Carolyn Bartels will write the Selectmen about this request.  

Broadband Internet Access at the Library:  Jessica Kelmelis researched grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and learned that they provide Block Grants to States to distribute to libraries based on state library policy.  She has had conversations with James Lonergan and John Ramsey of the Western Mass. Regional Library Association. They are directing a task force to set priorities for small town libraries and we are on their list.  They do not have a timeframe for their decision.

Jessica will follow up.with WMRLS and also continue to determine whether the Library can piggy-back on the T-1 Line installed as part of a short term health department grant.  That service is subject to renewal by the state and is not likely to be practical for the Library

New Business:

2007 Budget Proposed to Selectmen: The proposed 2007 Library budget was discussed with the following highlights:
o       A 3% salary increase was proposed
o       Slight increases in circulation materials proposed for Children’s books
o       The proposed budget meets state requirements for Library certification.
The budget was unanimously approved by the Trustees for submission to the Finance Committee.

Property Insurance:  The Library building is covered by the town property insurance policy issued by MIAA.  Jessica’s research found that only $7,500 was scheduled for library contents including books, equipment, computers, furniture appliances, fixtures and furnishes.  This is clearly inadequate.

MIAA additional annual premium quotes for additional coverage for scheduled (i.e. maximum amounts) are:

$75,000         $114
$100,000        $157
$125,000        $199

A discussion about what the term “scheduled” amounts means and exactly what items are covered ensued.  In addition, requirements for an inventory based on average price of books plus estimates of replacement cost of other covered items were requested.  Jessica will follow up with MIAA and communicate to Trustees by email about recommended amounts (at least the $75,000 but possible $100,000.  The Trustees unanimously voted to approve the increased insurance and will respond to Jessica’s email about requirements immediately since this must transaction must be completed by March 21, 2005 to be part of this year’s Tolland insurance policy renewal with MIAA.

Library Inventory:  The Trustees voted to have a personal property and inventory completed by May 1st independent of whether it is required by the new insurance policy.  Electronic copies of the files will be on the Town Hall server, in the Library and off-site on CD.  Jessica will complete the inventory.

Storytelling Event:  Thursday, August 10, 2006.  The Massachusetts Arts lottery funds will be used to sponsor a story telling event for children.  Due to space and occupancy limitations within the Library, the event will either be on the Town Green (weather permitting) or at Town Hall which has been reserved. Jessica will make announcements in the Tattler and on the website in June.  Story Davis Bates and Roger Ticknell have been contracted with.

Photography Exhibit (part of June 25th Nature of Tolland day).   The Library will sponsor a photography exhibit to run from June through August.  It is part of the schedule Nature of Tolland Day.  Announcement was in the March Tattler and on the website.  Further details will be announced monthly.

Librarian Participation in Workshops:  Penny Babbitt questioned whether Jessica attends various sponsored workshops for Librarians.  She identified a program in New Marlboro in March.  Jessica is unable to attend due to Assessor responsibilities at Town Hall. The issue of whether she should be paid to attend such programs was discussed.  The Trustees unanimously voted to pay Jessica for her time to attend these events if they are appropriate and she can make them.  There are no budget funds for workshop fees.

Next Meeting:  The next Trustees meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 7th at 3:30 p.m. at the Library.

Respectfully submitted:  Gloria Gery, Trustee

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