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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 11/15/05
Tolland Public Library Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2005

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:10 p.m. by Chair, Carolyn Locke.

Present:  Carolyn Locke, Penny Babbitt, Gloria Gery and Librarian, Jessica Kelmelis

Minutes:  The minutes of the August 17, 2005 meeting were approved as submitted.

Old Business:

Parking Lot:  The handicapped parking space sign has not been mounted as required by the state as part of Tolland’s Disabilities plan.  Jessica requested the Supt of Public Works mount the sign on May 12th.  A letter will be written to the Selectmen from the Trustees to get the work done.

Building:  The capital budget that was approved at the town meeting includes repairs to the Library, including shoring up the flooring.  Jessica has been unable to get commitments on the work schedule from the Supt. of Public Works.  The Trustees will write to the Board of Selectmen requesting a specific work plan and schedule.  Included will be concerns that the appropriated funds be spent in this fiscal year and that the priority be replacement of the library doors which do not lock or swell in the rain.  In addition we will request approval of the replacement doors to assure they are in keeping with the historical nature of the building and required safety features (e.g. Push Bar handles for safety exit).

Policy on Use of the Library for Meetings
§       The application form will be changed so requests are sent to the Library instead of a given trustee/chair.
§       The policy will be revised to include a directive that no library materials are to be removed from the library when meetings are held.
§       Jessica will coordinate with Margaret McClellan to inform heads of Town boards and committees that they can use the library without prior authorization when Town Hall space is not available and when the library is not open for business or in use by another group.  Mechanisms for getting the key will be defined.  Currently every Trustee, the Librarian, the Selectmen’s office and the Supt. of Highways have a key to the building.

Jessica will refine the documents and send them to Gloria for posting on the website.  She will also make application forms to use the Library available with other forms at Town Hall.

Library Circulation and Activity Statistics:  Fiscal Year 2004 (period ending 7/1/2005) were reviewed.  Figures will be published in the 2004 Town Annual Report and listed on the annual circulation data on the Library web page.  

The following items were noted
§       Improved and more precise counting of visitors and circulation activity are in effect.  Records now include Out of State (typically part time residents) and non-Tolland Massachusetts residents.
§       Circulation figures and Library Hours Open are stable with minor variability in some categories.
§       There are now 4,429 books in the library.  Videos are in the process of being counted.  The book count is down due to more accurate counting and weeding out of old books.

Broadband Access at the Library:  Jessica will get information on grants for broadband access.  Gloria discussed the possibility of using the T-1 line recently installed at Town Hall by the State Board of Health with Crocker Communications, the contracted installer.  Costs would be prohibitive.

Broadband alternatives include
§       Verizon DSL Service if installed in town center by Verizon
§       Verizon Wireless (June/July 2006) when Verizon upgrades the cell tower that serves Tolland.  We receive cellular service at the library. Cost:  $59.95 per month
§       Install Direcway Satellite Internet Service (700 kbps).  $600 installation and $59.95 per month.

Pay Rate Differential: The Selectmen are still considering this request.  Jessica will continue to push for resolution.

Librarian Certification:  Jessica will complete all her State Library Certification requirements on Thursday, November 17th.  Congratulations on a great effort.  The Trustees will write to the Selectmen and put an article in the Tattler to inform about this considerable achievement.

New Business

Financial Reports to State:  Jessica submitted required financial reports to the state.  Because expenditures on materials were 18+% rather than the required 20%, state funds will be at the 80% level.  This was due to other required purchases and purchase of the sign that do not count toward materials expenditure.  The 20% expenditure on materials will be achieved in this fiscal year.

Reference Material Replacement:  Obsolete reference materials will be discarded/sold and new World Book, Almanac and other materials appropriate to our library will be purchased.

Library Sponsored Events:  The Library will not sponsor a Christmas event this year.  Jessica will hold an Open House in featuring the art work of Hillary Carl.  The Library will sponsor a story teller in late winter/early spring (held at Town Hall).

Penny Babbitt brought up the very successful Southwick “A Walk in the Woods” Library project that combined book resources with a town event.  Several alternatives were explored to create an event in Tolland.  Jessica will pursue several possibilities in conjunction with other Town groups including the Open Space Committee, Tolland Cultural Council and the Tolland Women’s Club.  Possibilities include the Stockbridge/Lenox steam train ride, a visit to Naumkeag, Pleasant Valley Audubon Preserve in Lenox.  She will report back to us at the next meeting.

Next Meeting:  The next Trustees meeting is schedule for Wednesday, March 4, 2006 at 4:00 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gloria Gery

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