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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 5/11/05
Tolland Public Library
Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes
May 11, 2005

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m.

Present:  Carolyn Locke, Penny Babbitt, Gloria Gery.  Jessica Kelmelis, Librarian

Minutes:  Meeting Minutes were approved for the February , 2005 meeting as written.

Old Business:

Library Signs:

§       The building sign was installed and all Trustees are happy with how well it integrates with the building.  Positive comments have been received from citizens.

§       The Open sign will be hung from the building door that faces Route 57.  The color should indicate the library is Open for business

Parking and Landscaping:  The parking area is probably at the level it is currently given town budget constraints.  People are parking face-in.  There is a plan to put a rail – possibly ties, to keep people from driving into the landscaping or the building.  More landscaping will be done this summer.  The Library will not be able to host large social groups.

Building Occupancy:  The Tolland Building Inspector established a maximum occupancy limit of nine people.  A sign has been posted on the library bulletin board.  The seemingly small number of maximum occupants is due to the weight of the books.  Jessica does not believe the limit presents a problem to the library.  It’s unlikely that the building will be shored up given budget limits.

Budget for Fiscal Year 2006:  The Trustees discussed the proposed budget and following discussion agreed that Jessica will write to the Finance Committee and Selectmen indicating we can cut $400 from the budget for Publications.  It was determined that acquisitions should focus on best sellers and that InterLibrary Loan use, while currently good, will be further encouraged to minimize the risk of its being discontinued.

The pay raise recommended for library staff was limited to 3%.  Jessica discussed her attendance at the Selectmen’s meeting requesting feedback to town Department Heads when decisions are made that vary from budget recommendations.  The proposed Librarian salary is $11.35 and staff salary $8.75 per hour.  Chair Carolyn Locke wanted assurance that changes in the budget will still have the Tolland Library meet minimum Town appropriations and ratios of publication purchase to other expenses as required to continue our Library Certification.  Jessica assured the Trustees that the numbers will meet those requirements.

Expenses for fuel, grounds maintenance, electricity, etc. are in the DPW budget but still are “counted” by the State in their calculations.  Jessica has made estimates based on baselines established under Brad Burrall.

InterLibrary Loan:  The program is well used.  Jessica will create notices for Wildwood, Tunxis Club and North Tolland and publish notice in the Tattler to assure that summer residents are aware of this resource.

Librarian Certification:  Jess is on target for completing educational requirements for certification this fall.

New Business

Library Circulation and Attendance Statistics:  Jessica review the YTD statistics and will add data on FY 2003 in preparation for the Town Meeting and Annual Report.  FY 2004 circulation was very high and this year’s figures are more “normal”.  

Summer Library Reading Program:  The program will continue as in the past, but this year reader’s will have to obtain books from the Tolland Library for them to qualify for a “book for books read”..  They can work with Jessica to research books online and order from InterLibrary loan if they are not available in our collection.

Broadband Access:  Jessica will apply to the Gates Foundation to see if our Library will qualify for broadband or improved computer connection speeds.  Jessica indicated that the minority population of Tolland has historically been a barrier to grants from the Gates Foundation since diversity is one of their grants criteria.

Next Meeting:  The next Trustees meeting will be Wednesday, August 17th at 4:00 p.m. at the Library:

Meeting Adjourned:  The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Gery, Trustee

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