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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 02/02/05
Library Trustees
Meeting Minutes
February 2, 2005

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm.

Present:  Carolyn Locke, Chair, Gloria Gery, Penny Babbitt and Jessica Kelmelis, Librarian

Meeting Minutes:  The minutes of the November 11, 2004 meeting were accepted as read.

Old Business

Bulletin Board:  The exterior bulletin board was installed.  Two additional brackets are necessary to secure it.  Bill McKay was thanked for his contribution in the Tattler.  There is a key in the mailbox for posting.  Rules were posted in the Tattler.

Sign:  The sign is complete and will be installed by Porcupine Signs as soon as they are paid by the town.  It will be installed behind the metal railing near the walkway to protect it from snow plow damage.  The Open sign will be moved to the end of the building closest to Route 57.

Use of Library/Senior Center Building Policy:  Jessica presented a policy on using Library facilities by individuals and groups.  The policy was accepted as modified with a goal of assuring financial responsibility, limiting group size to what the library can accommodate (10 people) and scheduling to avoid conflicts.  The policy will be posted online with the application and put in the Tattler.

Keys:  All Trustees were given keys to the Library.

Grinch Party and Future Events:  Party was a great success.  Discussion about whether parents must accompany children to such events resulted in a conclusion that each child need not have a parent present unless they are under five years old. The Librarian will assure there are enough adults to supervise children.  Future plans include a movie night at the library for teenagers.  

Building Occupancy:  The Building Inspector stated the maximum occupancy at the Library is ten people.  Jessica will pursue and explanation of that.  The Trustees encouraged requesting that the floor be shored up as capital funds permit.

New Business

Tolland Library on Weekly Delivery from Western Mass. Regional Libraries for Interlibrary Loans:  Jessica announced the great news that the Library will be on weekly delivery and pickup for inter-library loans of books, videos, CD’s, etc.  Mailing will no longer be necessary.  This will be highly publicized and encouraged because it meets the special needs of several key library patrons. Residents can request any book or video and can check it out for the normal periods.  We must “use it or lose it”.  Tattler, Website, bookmarks and other means to publicize it will be used.  Appreciation was expressed to Jessica for organizing this for Tolland.

Budget:  The proposed budget was reviewed and accepted.  Jessica described the new online template that supports rapid calculation of requirements that are compliant with state certification.  She will submit the budget to the Finance Committee by the deadline.

Capital Improvements:  The need to paint and do other capital improvements was discussed.  There is no Library budget for capital – it is part of the overall town budget.  Jessica will pursue what is required for state funds which incent facility maintenance.

Software and Broadband Communications:  Gloria Gery identified as a source of virtually free software available to non-profits and libraries.  Obtaining educational and other software utilities for public use was endorsed.  Jessica will pursue this and make recommendations to the Trustees.  The need for high-speed access was discussed.  Gloria Gery mentioned that she will be pursuing broadband connections through the Police Department and will consider the possibility of connecting the library in proposals.

Trustee Nominations:  Gloria Gery’s term expires this year.  She expressed willingness to run again and Carolyn Locke will nominate her at the March 7th Town Caucus.

Next Meeting:  May 11, 2005 at 4 p.m. at the Library.

Respectfully submitted,
Gloria Gery

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