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Library Trustees Meeting Minutes 05/02/04
Tolland Public Library
Board of Trustees
22 Clubhouse Road
Tolland, MA 01034

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Chair, Carolyn Locke at 4:00 p.m.

Meeting Minutes:   The minutes of the December 18, 2003 meeting were approved as submitted.

Old Business

1. Status of Librarian Certification:  Carolyn Locke distributed a letter from the State Library Board formally extending Librarian Jessica Kelmelis’s education deadline to December 2003.  Jessica is enrolled in the Reference course and will complete it by June 2004.  She will complete Cataloging by year end 2004.

2. Library Parking:  A letter will be written to the Board of Selectmen by Chair, Carolyn Locke,  with a copy to the Highway Superintendent and the Chair, Finance Advisory Committee requesting a budget allocation and work by the Superintendent to change the Library parking from parallel to angled parking.

3. Outside Bulletin Board:  The new bulletin board for posting Town and Library notices is on order and should arrive in June.  Jessica will arrange for mounting.  She will notify Bill McKay of it’s arrival and the Board will thank Bill for his $150 contribution toward its purchase.  Notice of the gift will be in the Tattler.

4. Flag:  The Library Open flag and mount is on order and should be in by July.  Jessica will arrange for mounting the flag.

5. Sign:  Jessica will order the permanent Library and Senior Center sign by fall.  She is seeking the date the library was built to put on the sign.

6. Albert Simonds Memorial Fund:  The Simonds family was thanked in writing for their establishment of the Memorial Fund for Large Print books in honor of Al Simonds.  Todd Simonds will administer the fund and has been communicating with Jessica about desired books.  Books will be purchased over time.  The fund appears to be at least $500. Large print books will be relocated and a plaque honoring Mr. Simonds will be installed.

7. Tolland Tattler What’s New:  Jessica will resume posting What’s New at the Library in the Tattler and will automatically put that information on  Gloria will teach her how to update the site content and add Library events to the Town Calendar.

8. Library Budget:  The requested Library budget was submitted to the Town.  Trustee Babbitt asked about expenditure levels.  Jessica indicated that most of the budget dollars are spent and any leftover funds are turned back to the General Fund.  We have had no further requests for information.  A discussion on whether library funds could be used for any budget or operating cost shortfall for the town website.  Jessica will determine whether this is an acceptable use of the funds based on State Library Policy, particularly since the town website was developed in response to our proposed Library website.

New Business

1. Penny Babbitt, New Library Trustee:  Penny Babbitt was sworn in at Town Hall and has joined the Library Trustees.  Penny was welcomed and various orientation discussions occurred.

2. Thanks to Retiring Trustee, Bill McKay.  Bill’s contributions to the Library were discussed and Chair, Carolyn Locke will write a thank you to Bill for his service from the Board of Trustees and Jessica Kelmelis.

3. Gifts Policy: The Trustees reviewed a Gifts to the Library Policy and added a section on acknowledgements.  Jessica will revised the policy and post it on the website, publish it in the Tattler and keep a copy in the Library Policies book.

4. Materials Selection Policy:  The Library Materials Selection Policy proposed by Librarian Kelmelis was unanimously adopted.  It will be added to the Town website and maintained in the Library Policies Book.

5. Annual Report:  Jessica submitted the 2003-2004 Annual Report to the Town and will email a copy to the Trustees.

6. Tolland Cultural Council Dance to Benefit the Library:  The Tolland Cultural Council is sponsoring a dance at Town Hall on Saturday, May 15th to benefit the library.  D.J. Kris will be funded by the grant to the council.  Tickets are $3.00

Next Scheduled Meeting:  August 2, 2004.  4 p.m.  Tolland Public Library.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gloria Gery, Secretary

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