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Septic System Permitting and Approval Process
Septic System Permitting and Approval Process

1. Applicant/Licensed Design Engineer Make Appointment for Percolation Testing/Soil Evaluation. The Tolland Health Agent schedules appointment for percolation testing soil evaluation with licensed septic design engineer, owner and/or the Applicant. The lot is tested at the scheduled appointment time.

NOTE: Percolation tests are run at this time. The Applicant may schedule a percolation test to be witnessed by the Tolland Health Agent any time during the year. The Applicant must arrange for a licensed septic design engineer and a backhoe with operator to be on-site to conduct the tests.

Fees: The hourly Health Department fee  payable at the time of percolation testing. Checks payable to Town of Tolland.

2. Licensed Engineer Designs Septic Engineering Plan: Upon completion of required field testing, the engineer (hired by the applicant) prepares the subsurface disposal plan.

3. Septic Design Engineer Completes Disposal Works Permit Application: The septic design engineer must file a complete Disposal Works Permit Application and the design for the septic installation with the Tolland Health Agent.

4. Engineer Submits Septic System Design and Application The septic design engineer submits the application and septic design to the Tolland Health Agent. The application must include:
- Correct Tolland Tax Assessor’s parcel number
- A plot plan with all buildings, structures, septic and well areas delineated.

Applicant submits two (2) copies of the plan with an Application for Plan Review and required review fee to the Tolland Health Agent.

5. Health Agent Reviews Septic System Plan: The Tolland Health Agent will review the plan for compliance with Massachusetts Title 5 and local Board of Health regulations.

Note: If a plan requires a variance to a local regulation or Title 5, the Applicant must comply with the Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection Variance procedure. If the plan doesn’t meet pertinent regulations, the plan may need to be returned to the Applicant for revisions by the designer and then resubmitted to the Tolland Health Agent with additional fee for review.

6. Health Agent Issues Disposal Works Permit: The Tolland Health Agent issues the Disposal Works Permit to a qualified contractor.

7. Licensed Septic System Installer Constructs Septic System: ~Subsurface Sewage Disposal is built to specification by an approved septic installation contractor from the approved Tolland Licensed Septic Installers list available on the Health Department web page.

8. Design Engineer Submits As Built Plan:: Upon completion, Engineer or contractor sends two copies of As-Built Plan to the Tolland Health Agent for review.

9.  Certificate of Compliance: The licensed septic system Engineer who stamps the plan must inspect the final stages of the installation and submit Form 3, signed by both the Engineer and Contractor before a certificate can be issued from the Town.

10. Tolland Health Agent issues a Certificate of Compliance for sewage disposal system for approved septic system installation.

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