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Finance Committee Minutes 4/4/2011
Finance Committee Meeting – April 4, 2011
Town of Tolland, MA 01034

Attendance: Ralph Ledger, Mira Munson , /Cathy Parzych, Ted Locke

Minutes of the previous meeting were read ,approved, signed by each member and given to the Town Clerk.
The Fire Chief, Bob Littlefield, was interviewed about his budget.  He told us the jackets in the budget were not fire jackets but new jackets required when doing road duty etc. They are marked so you can see a fireman at night.  He also reported the fill station was in the but for the rescue trailer so that they could fill oxygen bottles at the site of a fire – not have to go back to the firehouse for refills.  He reported that the Fire Dept had purchased the rescue trailer and stove for the new firehouse out of their own money. He also mentioned that we would be needing a tanker truck in the near future ($150,000) and  that it was our most used vehicle.

Mira Munson excused herself from the meeting as Eric Munson, III was interviewed about his budget.  Cathy Parzych continued with the minutes.  The committee felt the cost of ammunition seemed high.  Eric reported that for two qualifications, officers had to buy their own ammunition at $350 per qualification.  In organization dues, Tri- County dues did not appear as in the past – the officers will pay the $25 fee themselves.  He told the committee that the dept was looking for donations for file cabinets etc.  The mailbox cost ($522.00) would be shared by the Fire Dept at the new complex.  Legally the Fire Dept and the Police Dept. need two different addresses.  Similar mailboxes would look better.  This was an average price for a secure locked box which the Police Dept. needs as they have sensitive material that would not be picked up every day now that the Town Administrative Assistant will only get Town Mail at the Town Hall.

Mira returned to the meeting.  A short discussion was held on salaries.  It was voted unanimously that our recommendation to the Selectmen would be for a 3% raise for our full time employees and no raise for anyone else.

The Committee also decided unanimously to put the “Tattler” on line – giving out copies to those who want hard copies at the Town Hall or Library.

The next meeting of the Finance Committee is to be with the Selectmen at 6:00 p.m. on Tues., April 19, 2011.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Mira K. Munson, Secretary

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