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Finance Committee Minutes 04/17/07
Selectmen/Finance Committee
April 9, 2007

Attendance: In attendance were Ralph Ledger, Mira Munson, Dave Barney, Ted Locke, Margaret McClellan, Eric R. Munson, Jr., Jim Deming, and Steve DellaGuistina. There were no absences.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented.

We first reviewed changes and made additional ones:

·       The Fire Dept. budget - at earlier meetings we moved $1,000 to tech budget and finally dropped the $1,000 request altogether; at this meeting we eliminated $2000 for matching grants (such a request would require a special town meeting to appropriate money and should not be in the budget) Current total is $26,585.

·       Police Dept. budget planned to drop $600 from firearms support if new technology requested is approved.  Budget now stands at $10,124

·       DPW: Wayne took $30,000 out of the Public works budget (represented work on dirt roads) and $l000 weather radio was cut as $1,000 of it is budgeted in Snow and Ice.  The budget for Public Works now stands at $67,050.  Dave Barney agreed to talk with Wayne to review his need for a new computer and report back to the committee at our next meeting.

·       Tech budget – Cut $1.000 from library request for new CPU and monitor.

We next reviewed Capital requests.  They were as follows:
1.      Rescue truck with pumper for $150, 000.  
2.      Emergency Management Fire and Police Trailer - $28,997
3.      Copier for administrative offices - $3595
4.      Carpet for Town Hall Offices - $2900.
5.      Quick Lube System for DPW - $3500
6.      Retro fit for mower - $7,000
7.      Pick-up truck - $50,000
        Total Capital Requests: $245,992

The group agreed to support all items except for the Emergency Management Trailer and the DPW truck. The request for a pick-up truck was reduced to $5,000 for a used truck. It was felt the Emergency Management Trailer would be nice but not necessary to have at this time. The new total for Capital items would be $171,995.

Margaret reminded us that we need an article on the warrant for 2008 to rescind the money not spent for capital items  - to close off the bonds for 2006 and 2007.

Next meeting we need to review salaries and look at the overall picture.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mira K. Munson, Secretary

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