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Finance Committee Minutes 3/1/2006
Finance Committee Meeting
Town of Tolland
March 1, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Eric R. Munson, Jr. at 7:45 p.m.

Attendance: Present: Eric Munson, Jr., Wes Greene, Jim Deming, Mira Munson, Ted Locke and Margaret McClellan (late), Absent: Ralph Ledger and David Barney Quests: Joanne Munson, Steve Della Giustina, Eric Munson, III, and Mark Bredenfoerder

The following materials were distributed:
·       Minutes of February 13, 2006.
·       Memo from Margaret on Winter Roads Budget Control
·       Salary Sheet for 05,06, and proposed 07 as prepared by Margaret
·       Budget Sheet 06 and 07 to date
·       FY 2006 Expense to Budget Report as of 3/1/06
·       Additional Budgets from Dept. Heads

The minutes of February 13, 2006 were approved a written.

It was noted that there was a slight discrepancy in the two Library Budgets presented.  Margaret agreed to check if the latest budget was the correct one.

Ted Locke reported that the new figure for the school budget was $281,486 – the increase due to the revised amount that the state considers Tolland’s fair share.  Ted also reported that the final school budget might not get in on time for the budget hearing.

The Committee then proceeded to hear budget presentations from the Dump Committee, the Police Chief and the Fire Chief.  The Assessors were not able to be present for this meeting as planned and will be scheduled at a later date.

The Dump Committee presented and walked us through a detailed and comparative budget.  In summary, they plan to go to a weigh system if the Selectmen approve their plans.  It would not be an immediate change as the scales would have to be put in place and plenty of bags are still available and they would continue to use them until they run out.  Two systems would run simultaneously until the bags ran out. Sticker fees were projected to increase from $50 to $65, bag prices would increase and special user fees would increase 10% as the hauling fees will increase 10%.  Overall, a break even budget was projected for 07 meaning that the town would not have to appropriate additional funds for the dump.  The committee agreed to report soon to the selectmen about what the weigh system would require for procedures and what would be their plans for a new building and weigh station.

*In reviewing the budget for the dump, it was noted that Margaret should bill the special users for 06.  

Mark Bredenfoerder did not have a written budget for the Finance Committee but orally reviewed his thoughts with us for 07 stating that his budget would be much the same as last year.  He stated that the department needed to replace their rescue truck (the current truck being a 1968 air force truck with multiple and dangerous problems). Mark reported that two garages told him that they would be happy to take our money but that the truck was not worth repairing.  Mark asked for direction on how to handle a request for a new truck.  The committee suggested he put it in as a capital request up to a certain amount as he would not have an exact figure.  Eric Munson, Jr. pointed out that a rescue truck had not been submitted as a capital request last year when we asked for five year capital plans from each department and he asked that Mark submit a Five Year Capital Plan for the Fire Department.  Mark said he would have his written budget by Friday.

Eric Munson, III presented a written and detailed budget for the Police Department which was much the same as the budget presented for 06 except he had reduced the number of officers by two.  The Committee suggested that he try to gather some data for the Budget Hearing on services in 2005-2006 and how they were affected by the town’s cuts.  

Eric also briefly reported on his visit to the new state of the art 911 facility.  The technical abilities and new features available to townspeople are fantastic.  However, he also reported that he was told our 911 assessment would be increasing and that we would have the new number in a few weeks.

Margaret asked the Committee and Selectmen to review the memo she had prepared regarding the Highway Department budget.  Her memo noted the minutes of 2/13/06 regarding the DPW budget and reported on the status of public works salaries and winter roads salaries(overtime).  She noted that one employee’s time had not been submitted at all and would affect the balances.  Jim Deming agreed to talk with John about this as well as the bills that have still not been approved for payment since our February meeting.  He also agreed to remind John that his 07 budget needed to be turned as soon as possible and that he was to present it to the Committee and Selectmen at our March 14, 2006 meeting.

Our next meeting is March 14, 2006 at 6:30 p.m.

This meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

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