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Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT): Explanation, History and Cost Basis
What is PAYT?
Pay as You Throw

In 2003 in response to tightening town budgets and increasing costs a transfer station committee was formed to look at the transfer station. This committee looked at the transfer station  finances, other Massachusetts towns of varying sizes, consulted with the EPA and several state officials and in the end concluded that using a PAYT program was the best way for Tolland to proceed.  This was a big change, making transfer station have its own budget and starting the shift from tax-based fees to user-based fees.

What are the Advantages of PAYT?

·       PAYT is fair (residents pay for the amount of trash they generate),
·       PAYT increases recycling, composting, waste reduction (reducing packaging and changing purchasing habits)
·       PAYT improves overall environmental quality (extending the life of landfills, decreasing air pollution and getting people to reuse materials.).

How does PAYT work?

PAYT programs can take two basic forms.  Residents can be charged by: Volume of waste, using bags, tags or stickers or prescribed sizes of waste cans or Weight of waste, with the municipality measuring the amount of waste set out for collection.  
While both forms operate differently for one another theses systems share one defining characteristic: residents who throw away more solid waste pay more.  

2008 - 2009  CHANGES

Pay as You Throw (PAYT) Program
Town of Tolland

After consultation of the Transfer Station Committee and the Board of Selectmen,  the following will be in effect starting  July 1, 2008

Tolland residents will have a choice of systems:

You can continue to purchase the rolls of kitchen sized (14 gal) orange bags and use them as in the past.  Green bags are no longer available when the supply runs out but anyone having green bags may use then until they are gone.


You can purchase trash tags at the Town Hall or at the Transfer Station.  The tags are sheets of five stickers.  Each tag can be peeled off the backing a stuck to the top of  YOUR (14 gallon or less) trash bag.  If you have to throw a bigger bag away (over 14 gal)  you will stick three tags to the top of you bag.   Examples of the tags on bags will be at the town hall and the dump so you can see how this works!

Using a tag program has some advantages:  stickers are more cost effective to buy, easier to store and are numbered for quality control. Also the amount the town is recycling should again increase and people worried about double bagging or breaking bags will have a choice!

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