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Conservation Commission Minutes 10/27/11

Conservation Commission Minutes October 27, 2011
Present:  Alan Binder, Valerie Bird, Sue VoudrenOthers Present:  Mike Kulig of Berkshire Engineering, Audrey Miller, Frank Fazi and of WPOA, Loren Clark and Jean Armitage of 55 Lakeside Dr. and Alison Dixon from the Farmington River Watershed Association.
Presentation and Informational Session  started at 5:30 p.m. Alison Dixon from the Farmington River Watershed Association gave a 15 minute presentation to explain a study which is tracking the effects of culverts on the movement of fish and wildlife. Hopefully the data gathered will make sure that replacement culverts better help in the movement of fish and wildlife.  She left information with the Conservation Commission and at the Town Hall.  Also more info can be found on the internet.
Pursuant to Chapter 131, Section 40 MGL, the Tolland Conservation Commission opened, the Public Hearings at 5:45 pm for the following purposes:
RDA- Submitted by Loren Clark Lot 117 Map 30 with sketch.   Applicant seeks to remove trees, old docks, clear for driveway and establish a parking lot on an undeveloped lot.
Reviewed, discussed and vote was taken; 1 yes vote 2 no votes; therefore it was considered a Positive Determination which means the application was denied.

RDA – Edward Kinsella - 229 Lands End. Applicant seeks to remove 5 trees.
Reviewed, discussed and vote was taken; 3 yes votes and 0 no vote; therefore it was considered a Negative Determination.  A Negative Determination means the application was approved and assigned RDA #2011-100.

Continuation of NOI- Tolland Fire Dept. seeks to install a Dry Hydrant on the WPOA property in Otter Pond.
NOI filed by Fire Department; which resulted in a OCC being approved unamiously.

Rescind and Amend OCC for WPOA culvert and drainage work on Meadow Drive.
WPOA requesting that their OCC filing of Aug. 18, 2011 be rescinded and  be replaced with a NOI,  due to a newly revised Drawing/Plan.  After review and discussion a vote was taken, 3 yes votes and 0 no votes; therefore it was considered a negative Determination.  A Negative Determination means that the application was approved.

Old Business

Continuation of Notification of work to be done that will restore properties to pre hurricane Irene conditions. (For Info Only).
These emergency conditions do not end until December 27, 2011.
Camp Kinderland, Colebrook Rivers Rd. – Repair of bridge and dam
Desmond, 13 Lakeside Dr. – dock restoration
Del Vecchio, 22 Crow Ln – dock restoration
Campbell, 88 Stones Throw – dock restoration
Campanella, 28 Meadow – dock restoration
Fiedler/Bowden, 76 Brook Ln. – driveway and moving washed out stones
Laliberte, 77 Chipmunk Crossing – dock restoration
Sheehan, Andy & Judy – removal of 2 trees that endanger the house.
WPOA, Cranberry & Otter Ponds, dock repair, beach erosion, dam repair, road wash out
More details can be found on file with the Conservation Commission at the Town Hall

Closed Hearing Section of Meeting at 6:10 pm

Conservation Commission Meeting was opened at 6:15 pm

Minutes were read and accepted for September 22, 2011

New Business

Emergency Extensions for work approved for
Sandy/Maxon 207 Lakeside-Dock Restoration.
Sandy Codding 413 Beetle Road – Dock Restoration.

There being no further business there was a motion made to end the meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan H. Voudren

Alan Binder, Chair

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