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2013 Dog & Kennel licensing and Rabies Requirements
 When do dog licenses expire?
Starting this year, Dog licenses given now will expire February 28, 2014.  You will need to get a new license before March 1st each year.  You can get your new tag now.  From this year on the licensing period will be March 1st thru the last day in February.

But the tag my dog is wearing expires in April?  Do I need a new one now?
 If your dog is currently licensed in town the tag expires April 30th.  You must get a new one by May 1, 2013.  The new tag issued will be good until February 28, 2014. You can get your new tag now. Late penalties will be assessed after May 15th.
What do I need to do to license my dog…
If you have of less than 5 dogs, 3 months old or older, in order to license your dog (s) you will need the following:
1.    Fill out a Dog License Renewal/Request Form available
  • in the Town Census mailing  
  • the Tolland Tattler or  
  • click on either the  Town Clerk or the Animal Control page  
  • at the Town Hall during business hours)   
2.    Have a copy of a valid rabies certificate and spay/neuter certificate (if applicable)
3.    Appropriate license fee (per dog)* checks should be made payable to the Town of Tolland
Spayed or neutered             $5
Not spayed or neutered     $15
4.    Self-addressed stamped envelope to have the tags mailed to you.  You may also stop by the Town Clerks office during normal business hours to receive you tags and turn in your forms
Fees not required:
*no fee will be charged for a single dog owned by a person aged 70 years or over
*no fee will be charged for a service animal as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act
*no fee or portion thereof shall be refunded because of subsequent death, loss, spaying or removal from Town or commonwealth or other disposal of dog
Kennel Licenses
If you have of more than 4 dogs, 3 months old or are a commercial boarding or training kennel, a commercial breeder kennel, a domestic charitable corporation kennel or a veterinary kennel. according to State Law you meet the definition of a kennel and will need to apply and get a kennel license.
In order to license your kennel you will need to do the following:

1.    Fill out a Kennel License Request Form (available on the town website on both Town Clerk and the Animal Control pages or at the town Hall during business hours) 
2.    Pay the Kennel license fee -checks should be made payable to the Town of Tolland

# of dogs

Cost of License

5-6 dogs


7-10 dogs


11+ dogs


3.    Before the Town Clerk can issue the Kennel License and tags, the Animal Control Officer and/or other Health Department inspector must inspect the proposed Kennel, file a report on the inspection, and favorably recommend that the Kennel meets all requirements.  Please allow 2 weeks for inspection.  It is recommended that you fill out your Kennel License Request Form before February 15th each year from now on.
4.    After a favorable recommendation the Town Clerk will issue the License/Tags to the Kennel.  Kennel Licenses will expire on the Last Day of February.
But my current Kennel License does not expire until April?  Do I need a new one now?
Since this is a new process and we are changing licensing periods your Kennel License Request Forms does not need to be filled out until March 30, 2013 providing that you currently have a kennel License.  If you have four or more dogs and they do not have licenses than you need to fill out your Kennel License Request Form by March 15th.
What if I ignore all this and don’t license my dog(s)?
 This year late penalties will not be issued until after May 15th. For the 2013 licensing year the late penalties* will be as follows:
1-4 dogs         $50 late fee per household plus the cost of licensing each dog
5-6                  $50.00 late penalty plus the cost of kennel license
7-10                $100.00 late penalty plus the cost of kennel license
11+                 $200.00. late penalty plus the cost of kennel license
All dog owners must fill out either a Dog License Renewal/Request Form by May 15th or have a Kennel License Request Form on file with the town clerk by the March 15st .  If you file after May 15th will have to pay the late penalty when the form is submitted. 
If Animal Control has to enforce licensing or rabies vaccination provisions after May 15th other fines by be applies on top of the above penalties. 
Special Circumstances
My dog is not currently licensed…
You are currently in violation of State Law.  There is a fine for not licensing your dog. There is also a late penalty for not doing it on time. (see fines and fees below) All dogs over 6 months old have to be licensed.  Licenses are available thru the Town Clerk. Best Advice: get one NOW for the 2013-2014 year.
I just moved to town….
If you just moved into town you have 30 days to get your dog licensed or to get the licese from your old town transferred over to Tolland. 
I just got a new dog…
If you acquire a new dog you need to get a license within two weeks of getting your dog (if your dog is over 6 months) if it is a puppy you can do it now or wait until they are six months old.
My dog passed away this year…
If you no longer own a previously licensed dog you must notify the Town Clerks office to avoid future notices.

My dog lost its tag or I need to transfer a tag from another town to Tolland is this costly?
It will cost .$.24 to get a replacement tag or $1.00 to transfer a tag.
Rabies Information
What about a rabies shot?
Each year the Town of Tolland tries to provide a low cost option for dogs and cats to obtain a rabies vaccination.  This year our clinic was cancelled in February due to the snow storm but we will be rescheduling for some time in March.  Keep an eye out for the Sandwich board signs!
Can my dog/cat get a three year vaccination?
If you have paperwork regarding past rabies vaccinations your dog/cat have received please bring it with you. We are not responsible for keeping your paperwork. Basically, the first rabies shot in an animal’s life is always only good for one year.  Between 9 and 12 months after the first shot (not a day earlier, not a day later) dogs and cats should be given a second rabies vaccination.  These two shots together are referred to as the “primary series”. Unless an animal has completed its primary series, all rabies vaccinations given will only be consider good for 1 year.  If a 3-year vaccine is used as the second shot in the primary series the animal will be considered vaccinated for 3 years and a certificate is issued with this information. 
Any animal that has completed its primary series will always be eligible for 3 year vaccinations (once a three year- always a three year!)  AS LONG AS THE OWNER HAS A VACCINATION CERTIFICATE INDICATING THAT THE ANIMAL HAS COMPLETED ITS PRIMARY SERIES, A  3-YEAR VACCINATION MAY BE ADMINISTERED AND A NEW 3-YEAR CERTIFICATE ISSUED.
If my dog has never been vaccinated or has had their vaccination expire when will the rabies vaccination be considered legal?
If your dog has never been vaccinated or has had their vaccination expire they will not be considered legally vaccinated until 30 days after the rabies shot is given. Having an up to date rabies vaccination protects your family, your dog and others that may come in contact with your dog.  It is also the law.  All dogs, cats and ferrets that is 6 months of age or older must be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. You cannot obtain a license without a valid rabies vaccination.  Also any person found to be the owner/keeper of an animal with an out of date vaccination may be fined up to $100.00.*
* Mass General Law Chapter 140 section 145(f)
Can I license my dog at the rabies clinic?
This year you can license your dog at the clinic and get it all done at one time!   Keep an eye out for the sign!


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