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Section 4 - Definitions
Definitions     In this Bylaw the following terms, unless a contrary meaning is required by the context or is specifically prescribed, shall have the following meanings:
Accessory Use   The use of a building or premises for a purpose customarily incidental to the main or principal use or Building
Agriculture     Agriculture shall include, but not be limited to, farming, animal husbandry, horticulture, floriculture, nursery, truck gardening, greenhouses, maple sugar production and display and sale of natural products raised in the Town wih the necessary structures needed for these uses.  

Alteration      A change in external form, shape or size of a building or structure which creates a change in land use.  
Building        Any roofed structure permanently located on the land and used for housing or enclosing persons, animals or material.
Building (Principal)    A building in which is conducted the principal use of the lot on which it is situated.
Building (Non-conforming)       Any lawful use of a building existing on the effective date of the adoption of this Bylaw, but not confirming to it.    

Building Height The vertical measurement of a building from the mean level of the ground surrounding the building to a point midway between the highest and lowest points of the roof, excluding chimneys, antennae, water tanks, silos and similar structures.
Business        Place where the activity of a commercial, industrial, service or professional organization is transacted.       

Club    An association or persons which are the owner, lessee or occupant of an establishment operated solely for a recreational, social, fraternal, religious, political or athletic purpose, whose activities are confined to the members and guests and are not open to the general public.  This includes the establishment so-operated.  Where appropriate, this definition shall apply to camps organized on a similar basis.
Commercial Animals      Animals raised for sale as food, food products, breeding stock, or pets.
Commercial Poultry      Poultry raised for sale as food or food products when in excess of fifty (50) fowl are involved.        

Commercial Recreation   Indoor or outdoor recreation facilities provided for the public where a fee is charged. 

Dwelling, One-Family    A detached residential dwelling unit other than a mobile home designed for and occupied by one family only.  It shall include prefabricated and modular units that meet the State standards for building construction.          

Dwelling, Two-Family    A detached residential building, other than a mobile home containing two (2) dwelling units, designed for occupancy by not more than two (2) families.  It shall include prefabricated and modular units that meet the State standards for building construction.
Earth Removal   Excavation, stock piling, processing and/or sale of gravel, sand, stone, peat and loam for commercial purposes.  
Family  One or more persons, related by birth, marriage or legal adoption or not more than four (4) individuals who are not so related, living together as a single housekeeping unit.  

Farm    A tract of land devoted primarily to agriculture.  Includes necessary personnel, structures, buildings, vehicles and equipment but not residential or commercial structures other than those directly related to farm operation.        

Filling Station Any area of land, including structures thereon, that is used or designed to be used for the supply of gasoline or oil or other fuel for the propulsion of motor vehicles and which may include facilities used or designed to be used, for polishing, greasing, washing, spraying, dry cleaning , or otherwise cleaning or servicing such motor vehicles.  A filling station is not a sales, major repair or rental agency for autos, trucks or trailers.       

Footprint       The land area occupied  by Buildings or structures, at the surface of the ground, excluding open porches.  From Norfolk MA      

Firm and Continuous Masonry Foundation  Solid or block wall foundation, or equal, constructed according to accepted practice and with due consideration for frost and soil conditions.  

Garage (Private)        A building used for the storage of one or more automotive vehicles, owned or used by the owner or tenant of the premises, and not exceeding two additional vehicles (not commercial) owned or leased by others. A private garage is considered an accessory building.
Garage (Public) A building, not a private garage, used for the repair, servicing or storage of automotive vehicles.     

Home Occupation Accessory use of a service character conducted within a dwelling by the residents thereof, which is clearly secondary to the dwelling used for living purposes and which does not change the character thereof. 

Junk Car        An unregistered or unusable motor vehicle which is ready for destruction or has been collected or stored for salvage or conversion to some other use.
Junk Yard       Land or structures used commercially for collecting, storing or selling wastepaper, rags, scrap metal, or discarded material, or for collecting, dismantling, storing, salvaging or selling inoperative machinery, vehicles, or parts thereof.
Junk Yard (Motor  Vehicle)      Any business or place of storage or deposit, whether in connection with another business or not, where four or more junk cars or parts thereof exist.   

Kennel  A group of four (4) or more dogs maintained on the premises except animals kept on the premises of a registered veterinarian.   

Line (Front Lot)        The front lot line is the line separating the lot from the street.  See also, definition of “Street Line”.      

Line (Rear Lot) The lot line opposite and most distant from the front lot line. 

Line (Side Lot) Any lot line to a front or rear lot line.
Living Area     The area enclosed by the outside walls of a dwelling and commonly used as living quarters by the occupants, excluding unheated attached garages, porches and breezeways.        

Lot (Building)  A tract of land under separate ownership which is, or can be, occupied by a principal building and the structures and areas accessory to it, having adequate frontage on a street and defined by measurements and/or boundaries in a deed or plan.      

Lot Frontage    The length of a front lot line dividing a lot from a street as defined herein.  

Lot Line        A division line between adjoining properties, or a division line between individual lots of between the lot and the street.     

Lumbering       All operations associated with the cutting and removal of timber from the land for commercial purposes ,but which shall not include milling or processing.      

Mobile Home     A vehicle used or intended to be used for human habitation as a dwelling and designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle. If the unit is jacked or blocked so as to be immobile, it shall nevertheless be considered a mobile home.
Mobile Home Village or Court    Any lot, parcel or tract of land upon which two or more mobile homes, occupied for dwelling or sleeping purposes are located, regardless of whether or not a charge is made for such accommodations.  Mobile home villages or courts are not allowed in Tolland under this By-Law.      

Non-conforming Use      The use of a building or land that does not conform with the provisions of this Bylaw or subsequent amendments thereto. 
Recreational Facility   A facility designed to offer recreational opportunities to the public such as ski tow, riding stable, golf course, park, swimming pool, tennis courts, campgrounds and picnic areas.    

Recreation Vehicle      A recreation vehicle shall mean any vehicle used or so constructed as to permit its being used as a conveyance on the public streets and highways whether licensed or not, and constructed in such a manner as will permit occupancy thereof as a dwelling or sleeping place for one or more persons, and not designed to be used as a principal place of abode.  A recreation vehicle under this ordinance shall also mean tent trailers, truck campers, vehicles converted to sleeping facilities other than a mobile home and/or what normally constitutes a permanent dwelling unit.  This definition includes uses to which trailers might be put.
Sawmill A facility utilized to process timber into boards, beams or related wood stock for commercial purposes.
Seasonal Dwelling or Camp       An existing dwelling constructed for temporary use or occupancy on an intermittent or short-term basis primarily during the summer months and/or weekends.  Such temporary use shall not exceed a total of more than 130 days during a twelve-month period.  Such seasonal dwelling existing on less than the minimum size lot required in this By-law shall not be inhabited for more than 130 days per twelve-month period unless additional land is secured to make the parcel conform to this By-law and the State Building Code.
Set-back        The distance from the front lot line to the nearest point of a building, excluding steps.
Sign    Any permanent or temporary structure, device, letter, word display, pennant, insignia, or trade flat which is used as an announcement, direction, or advertisement and which is visible from any public way, or from abutting property.
Small Business  Any business not employing more than five people except the owner and his/her family and regardless of whether employees are on a permanent or temporary basis. 

Special Permit  An authorization of permit granted by the Planning Board for ny of the uses which require a Special Permit as listed in Section V and elsewhere in this By-law, when it shall be found that the use involved will not be detrimental to the neighborhood and town and subject to appropriate conditions or safeguards if deemed necessary.
Street  A thoroughfare used as a public right-of-way for general access purposes and which is maintained by the Town.
Street Line     The dividing line between a street and a lot, and in the case of a public way, the street line established by the public authority in laying out the way upon which the lot abuts.  If the street line cannot be established, it shall be considered to be a line parallel with and twenty-five feet distance from the center line of the street.       

Structure       A combination of martial assembled at a fixed location to give support or shelter or for other purposes.  Included are buildings, frameworks, sheds, platforms, towers, and similar objects.    

Variance        An authorization granted by the Board of Appeals to modify a permitted use when special physical conditions affect such use and where a literal enforcement of this By-law would involve substantial hardship to the owner.  Provided also that such authorization shall not take away from the intent or purpose of the By-law.  See also Section VIII.0.2 “Variances”.        
Warehouse       A building where goods are stored for commercial purposes other than in conjunction with a home occupation.     
Yard (Front)    The space across the full width of the lot and extending from the front line of the building located on such lot to the street line of such lot.        

Yard (Rear)     The space across the full width of a lot and extending from the rear foundation line of the building located on such lot to the rear line of such lot.  

Yard (Side)     The space extending from the front yard to the rear yard between a building and the adjacent side line of the lot on which said building is located.    

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