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Numbering Of All Houses, Businesses And Other Structures By-Law
A. Numbers of each dwelling and each business and other building in the Town of  
Tolland, shall be designated to the owner of such structures within (60) days after   approval of this by-law by the Office of the Attorney General.

B.  The numbers shall be those assigned in accordance with the Town of Tolland street numbering system.                 
C.  It shall be the responsibility of each property owner to obtain and install the number
or numbers assigned to his affected structure or structures within (60 days) after approval of this by-law by the office of the Attorney General.

D. The owner of any property seeking a building permit for a new building or structure shall apply for and receive a building number designation from the E-911 Coordinator.  A Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued by the Building Inspector until a number is designated by E-911 Coordinator and installed by the property owner.

E.  Reflective numbers, visible from both sides, shall be placed where the driveway intersects the roadway.  Reflective numbers to be no less than three (3) inches high.

F.  This by-law shall be enforced pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40, Section 21D, by non-criminal complaint by the Building Inspector of the Town of Tolland.  Failure to comply with this by-law shall subject the offending property owner to a fine of ten ($10.00) dollars for each offense.  Each day on which a violation exists shall be deemed to be a separate offense.

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