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Logging By-Law
No logging operation shall start without the permission of the Superintendent of Public Works and the Conservation Commission, in writing.  Any landowner who plans to cut trees for forest products must notify the appropriate regional office of the Division of Forests and Parks of his intention.  Owners of record of land within 200 feet of the boundary of the cutting area shall also be notified.  Notification of the Tolland Conservation Commission and the Tolland Department of Public Works shall consist of a properly executed Notice of Intent.  Notification must be received by the town at least ten (10) business days before the cutting operation begins.

Landings shall be minimum of one hundred (100) feet from a public way with a curved road to break the line of sight.  Landings will have all rubbish, garbage and trash such as cans, papers, discarded tires, metal parts and other junk removed.  Waste wood such as branches, cut log ends and logs will be placed neatly to improve the appearance of the landing and promote a rapid decay.
The soil shall be stabilized and seeded to grass at the end of the operation.  In order to reduce the tracking of mud onto the highway during the operation, part of the access road will be graveled or mulched if necessary, or use will be curtailed during wet weather.  Any mud will promptly be removed from the highway.  Every owner, lessee, tenant or occupant of lands, or of any rights or interests therein, except electric, telephone and telegraph companies, who cuts or permits the cutting of brush, wood or timber on lands which border upon woodland of another, or upon a highway or railroad location, shall dispose of the slash caused by such cutting in such a manner that the same will not remain on the ground within forty feet of any woodland of another, or of any railroad location, or within one hundred feet from the center of any public way and all slash resulting from such cutting operations shall be cut and scattered in such a manner as to minimize the danger from fire.  Wherever multiple highway systems exist adjacent to cuttings, no slash shall be permitted within one hundred feet from the outer edge of the highway.  No slash shall be permitted within twenty-five feet of any brook, stream, pond, river or water supply.

Enforcement of this by-law shall be by local police, State Police, the district Fire Warden and forest fire patrolmen of the Department of Environmental Management.  The Conservation Commission and the Superintendent of Public Works shall have permission to enter upon the property for the purpose of checking on the logging operation.

Failure to comply with these by-laws will result in a fine of not more than $300.00 for a single violation or $300.00 per day for an ongoing violation.
Approved Special Town Meeting April 3, 1998   Article 3
Approved by Attorney General May 5, 1989-last sentence stricken
Fine amended Special Town Meeting October 11, 1989   Article 8
Amendment approved by the Attorney General February 5, 1990

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