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Board of Assessors Minutes 07/25/2006

Town of Tolland
Board of Assessors Meeting Minutes
July 25, 2006

Opened at: 10:30 am

In attendance: Susan Voudren
Susan Moore     
Jessica Kelmelis

        Clerks Meeting on September 27. All will attend.
        FY2009 Recommendations from DOR

The Board agreed to clear the shelves of all IGR and Bulletin binders as all are digitally available online. This agreement will also include the City & Town report from the DOR and the MAAO Newsletter.

The Board of Assessors would like to see a minimum set for Personal Property taxation. The Board would like to have Personal Property on second homes valued under $150,000 waived. This action would take a vote at the Annual Town Meeting. The Board will open discussions with the Selectmen and the Treasurer.

Reviewed and signed two Motor Vehicle Abatements

Signed the Release of Lien for Sheldon Property

Voted to order a laser distance meter from Leica.

Sue V. asked Jessica to get new resource books to Building Inspector, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Town Clerk and Main Desk.

Sue V. also asked Jessica to contact Kirsten at DLS about updating online information. The Board has decided to remove all property listing spreadsheets from the website and have a link to the CSC site for Property lookup.


Non-Conforming Contiguous Lots
The Board of Assessors voted that a non-conforming contiguous lot with the same ownership shall be valued as one merged lot with data remaining on two separate cards until the owner of those lots deeds them as one parcel on one deed.

Math work for the above decision is as follows. Acreage should be temporarily merged on one card to determine the value for the full acreage. Acreage should then again be separated on individual cards. Any unimproved lots should be marked with a 132 state use code and given an influence percent so that value equals the difference in cost when lots are put back on separate cards.

In the case when the second lot is removed by a road and used for septic or well, and therefore non-buildable, and residential improvement is unexpandable, the land will be given residual rate.

Pool Measurement
Pools shall be measured by square foot area. When the pool is round, the ðr2 formula should be employed. If the pool is oval, break the shape into two half circles represented by the two round ends with each half having a radius equal to one half the pool width and a square or rectangle representing the area between the two half circles.

Open Meeting adjourned at 11:25 am

Closed Meeting from 11:25 to 3:00 pm

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