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Board of Assessors Minutes 05/24/05
Town of Tolland
Board of Assessors Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2005

Opened at 7:00pm

In attendance: Susan Voudren, Chairperson
                  Susan Moore
 Jessica Kelmelis


Read and accepted April Board minutes.

Susan Voudren nominated Susan Moore as secretary. Susan Moore accepted. All agreed that meeting minutes would not be forwarded to the website until voted upon.

Reviewed and signed Motor Vehicle Commitment.

Reviewed and signed one Motor Vehicle abatement. Noted that we still have not received communication from RMV on reassessment.

Final review of RE abatement applications:
        #1 – 101.60 – abatement granted with lowered percentage complete
#2 – 401.21 – abatement granted based on lowland status to 25% good for all acreage
#3 – 401.18.1 – denied because lot is fan shaped
#4 -401.25.2 – denied based on site visit
#5 – 120.28 – potentially denied based on effective year built, possible adjustment on grade with interior visit
#6 – 117.14 – denied, no proof of failure or denial of permit application

Reviewed, voted and signed FY2005 Overlay Excess.

Discussed the option of estimated tax bills. Jessica will research further for specific language. Tabled to next meeting.

Reviewed mail including:
        Assessor qualification listing request from DOR
        Preferential tax listing received
        Request for exemption for Springfield water
        Local Tax room occupancy

Voted to pay for toner cartridge for office local printer out of assessor supplies. Jessica requested a reorder of RE abatement forms.

Discussed Open meeting guidelines.

Discussed course sign up for August MAAO

Emergency meeting requested for Tuesday May 31st at 8:00am to finish RE abatements and discuss revaluation.

Adjourned at 9:10

Tolland Board of Assessors

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