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Animal Control
Contact TypeContact Information
Animal hit by car, animal in immediate danger, sick looking wild animal or dog/animal attacking people or livestock. Police will repond and call Animal Control Officers.
(413) 258-4794, Ext. 128. Call will be returned ASAP. Loose animals. Barking dog. Other non-emergencies.
(413) 258 -4794 Ext 128. Joanne Duval. Leave message. Called will be returned ASAP. Call Animal Inspector if animal has been bitten or has bitten someone -- or you have a bite to report. All bites must be reported by law.
1072 Burt Hill Road
Tolland, MA 1034-9403
911 Emergency
Emergency: 24 hours

Non-Emergency: When available and will respond within 24 hours.
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About Us:  Tolland Animal Control is responsible for

l Enforcing state laws regarding dogs

l Picking up, housing, and advertising stray dogs

l Enforcing the Tolland Dog Control Bylaw

l Public education regarding all aspects of owning companion animals

Non- emergency calls should be directed to the non-emergency Animal Control  number below.  The call will be picked up by my voice mail message and also forwarded directly to my email.  I check it several times a day and will respond back to you as soon as possible.  If I am away from town for any length of time my back up, Kim Spring the Sandisfield Dog Officer will respond.

You should call the Animal inspector phone number ((413) 258-4794, Ext. 129)  if your animal has been bitten, or has bitten someone, or you have a bite to report.  All bites are required by law to be reported. If the animal is a wild animal and still in your yard call 911.

Emergency calls should go to 911.  These include an animal hit by car, an animal in immediate danger, a sick looking wild animal or dog/animal  attacking people/livestock.  The police will respond and they will also call me.  If you can also leave a message for me about the situation that would be helpful too.

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Tolland Town Hall: 241 West Granville Road, Tolland, MA 01034-9403
Phone: (413) 258-4794     Fax: (413) 258-4048
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